Waterwise Landscaping Resources


Orchard Dale Water District is honored to partner with the Water Replenishment District, Suburban Water Systems, and with Supervisor Don Knabe's Office of Los Angeles County to support this large Water Conservation Demonstration Garden. The sign honors those organizations and individuals that were directly influential in the success of the water conservation garden. The Liberty Community Plaza is located on the corner of Valley View and Telegraph Road in the unincorporated area of South Whittier. The Board of Directors of Orchard Dale Water District have taken this opportunity to give back to its community by showing an ongoing interest in the care of the Veteran's Freedom Garden, and the preservation of the conservation garden throughout the property. The eloquent facility and grounds are managed by the dedicated staff of Helpline Youth Counseling. Our customers, families, veterans, and children now have a wonderful campus to enjoy. We hope this exciting onsite water conservation feature offers our customers ideas on design, plants, and hardscape opportunities for our community, ENJOY!

Native Gardening Basics: Your First Steps

Step One: Information Gathering

  • Look at landscapes in your neighborhood and peruse native plant lists for ideas
  • Visit local botanical gardens for ideas. Be sure to check out the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont, Caroline Park in Redlands, Chino Wetlands Park, and Maloof Gardens in Upland

Step Two: Examine Your Yard For Areas of Direct Sunlight

  • Water Availability
  • Soil Type
  • Drainage

Step Three: Map It!

  •  Make a physical or mental map of garden location, including general plant palette

Step Four: Get Your Site Ready

  • Measure out or mark off the potential garden site
  • Test the soil; if it is too hard, soak it with water a week prior to planting
  • Remove all weeds before planting
  • Do not apply fertilizers or soil amendments before plants