Members of the Board

Yvette Stevenson-Rodriguez


Yvette Stevenson-Rodriguez



Yvette Stevenson-Rodriguez is the first woman elected in the history of Orchard Dale Water District.  She is also the first woman to preside as President of the Board of Directors at Orchard Dale Water District.


Upon her first day as Director, Yvette began work on a plan to repair the District's aging water infrastructure, improve the financial outlook for the District and create a sustainable but affordable supply of drinking water for customers.  Within a few years, the District adopted a plan to reinvest $12 million dollars in capital improvement projects.  There were two major capital improvement projects completed, the installation of a new main line with new fittings to absorb shaking or rolling earthquakes.  The second project was completed in collaboration with Los Angeles County and Water Replenishment District.  The Adaquo is an exemplary example of collaborative teamwork, through its construction rain is returned to the local aquifer to replenish groundwater.  Within the same time frame, at the request of Yvette, an investment policy was approved during a critical time, when the market was at an all time low, pension plans for working middle class families reaped negative gain.  Fortunately, after a decade of diversified investment efforts, the investment policy continues to yield positive gains for the District.


As a Director on the Board, Yvette continues to participate in activities to promote safety in and around her community.  A recent example of her efforts is the adoption of a Hazard Mitigation Plan for Orchard Dale Water District.  The plan recently approved by the State of California allows the District to submit a request for FEMA funds to fix hazardous infrastructure after an occurrence of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood.


Yvette's broad work experience and education, encompasses 20 years with various non-profit, Taft Hartley and private sector employers.  Her most recent accomplishments include a successful city-wide fundraising campaign that provided resources for nearly 200 teacher classroom specific grants and a K-6 elementary summer school enrichment program.  Additional achievements include development of a health benefit customer service system, named PlanIT, a private resort acquistion, implementation of HIV safety and prevention program for hospital staff and campaign stints with two state wide constitutional officers in California, Governor Gray Davis and Controller Steve Westly.  Yvette earned her Bachelor in Science, Business Management degree from the University of Phoenix.


Together through volunteerism, Yvette, with her husband of 20 years, Tim and their son, Augustus, spread the love of literacy to every child through reading.





Dennis Azevedo


Dennis Azevedo

Vice President


Mr. Azevedo is married to his wife Normie and has two sons -Chris, and David. In 1978 he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration of Justice from California State University at Los Angeles and holds an Associates of Arts Degree in Business Management from Cerritos College in 1974.


He holds memberships within the following organizations; Alpha Gamma Sigma, California's Honor Scholastic Fraternity, and Veteran's Club. He's a member of the Maywood Lions Club, Past President, Vice Commander of the Southeast Area V.F.W. (Veterans of Foreign Wars), and a Member of the American Legion for more than 40 years.


His accomplishments are admirable and stretched from 1967 through 2010. He began as Security Police in the U.S. Air Force and supervised an eight- man crew missile site. He completed Army Ranger training, received the Base Airman of the year award at the Sewart A.F. Base, and served two tours of duty in South Vietnam. He was awarded a total of nine metals/ribbons (Air Force - Accommodation Medals, Two Vietnamese Campaign Ribbons and others). Afterwards he worked for Jerseymaid Milk in Los Angeles and supervised ten men combined with the loading of 25 trucks. Thereafter, he was a Police Officer of the Narcotics Gang Unit. He patrolled all activities within the L.A.P.D. Harbor area addressing traffic, gangs, and any narcotic issues. He was soon found to be a proven, reliable, and reputable source for Gang Recognition and an accomplished Court/Enforcement Narcotics Expert with over 800 narcotic related arrests. During his tenure he continued to operate as a Specialist in narcotics buy teams, foot beats, detective work, beach detail, crash (gang units) and vice. Finally, he served as a Community Relations Officer for the City of Maywood, California . He was Sergeant for nine months as a Day-Watch Commander. Completed over 50 training courses, was an 8-year member of the Maywood V.F.W., Past President of the Maywood Lions Club, and received an Advanced P.O.S.T. Certification.


Today, Mr. Azevedo continues to serve his own community within the honored capacity as a Board of Director for Orchard Dale Water District. During his initial opportunity to serve, he plans to learn, adapt, and most importantly understand the landscape by which the District operates in. The direction and best interest of the community can only be protected and guided by learning the system by which we all partake in. The challenge of sustaining and preserving our most valued commodity, water, is one vital resource he hopes to be rich in intellect and prepared to address issues collectively with the elected group of officials of the Board and its administrative staff.


Joseph Velasco III


Joseph Velasco III



Joseph Velasco III was appointed by the active members of the Orchard Dale Water Board in February 2008, publicly elected into office on November 3, 2009 and November 5, 2013, reappointed on November 6, 2018, then publicly elected on November 8, 2022. As an active resident and customer in the South Whittier area, Mr. Velasco believes that through his involvement in the community and familiarity with the residents he will be a positive asset to the decision making process as it relates to the Board. As an incumbent, Mr. Velasco is familiar with governmental policies and procedures. He has completed Ethics Training AB 1234, for Elected Officials, and he looks forward to contributing toward the betterment of the service, and the water delivered by the District.



  • Elected Vice President-Orchard Dale Water District, Board of Directors December 2018
  • Elected President-Orchard Dale Water District, Board of Directors 2012-2018
  • Elected Vice President-Orchard Dale Water District, Board of Directors 2010-2011
  • Appointed Board Member-Orchard Dale Water District, Board of Directors 2008-2009
  • Consultative Board Member-St. Gregory the Great Catholic Parish and School
  • Employment Program Manager-State of California 2011-Present
  • Former U.S. Military Veteran's Representative-State of California, Employment Development Department
  • Program Manager-State of California, Veteran Employment Services
  • Precinct Officer/Election Inspector-Office of Registrar/LA County Clerk


Highlights: As a Governing Board Member, I VOTED TO

  • Minimize water rate increases by reducing our district expenditures
  • Ensure that our long-term water rates are secure and competitive
  • Improve our water district by funding infrastructure projects and capital improvements
  • Provide staff with new equipment for more efficient and safe job production
  • Keep our district assets and finances safe-guarded and secure


My Goals

  • To continue to be your voice in water related issues and customer concerns
  • To advocate for control of future, unnecessary water rate increases for homes, schools, and businesses
  • To remain active and relevant in providing ideas and solutions to political water issues as they arise
  • To ensure that our Water District is transparent and compliant with governmental policies and regulations

To establish the strategic direction and policies of the District, while providing our service area with the highest quality of clean, safe, and healthy supply of water at the lowest possible rates

With your support, I am very proud of the work I have accomplished as a Director and Board Vice President at Orchard Dale Water District.



Denise Dolor


Denise Dolor



Denise Dolor and her family have lived in South Whittier since 1975. She has been an active member of St. Gregory the Great parish and its surrounding community, while volunteering her time and talents by coordinating fund-raisers and community events for over two decades.


Denise strongly believes in protecting our natural resources. Her priority is tackling the challenges of supply, delivery, and conservation of our most precious resource, water.


Since 2018, Denise has had the honor of serving on the board of Orchard Dale Water District. During that time, she has worked collaboratively with her fellow board members and staff to direct policy toward maintaining financially sound capital and systems improvements. Each month, she approaches the district’s agenda with a mindful consideration of its impact on its customers.


Denise’s main objective is to ensure we continue to enjoy a sustainable supply of high quality drinking water that is also affordable for each resident. She would like to expand the district’s community engagement and education program.



Charles Luas

Charles Luas



Charles Luas and his wife of 54 years, Alice, have lived in the area since 1972.  They raised six children, three boys and three girls, who all attended St. Gregory Catholic School.  The girls all graduated from St. Paul High School while the boys all graduated from Cal High.


Charles graduated from Santa Fe High School, in Santa Fe Springs, in 1961 and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force two weeks after graduation.  While in the Air Force for eight years, he completed Electronics Technical Training in Mississippi, he was stationed in Northern Arizona (where he met his future wife), Northern New York, Northern France, Eastern Turkey, and Northern California.


After his discharge from the Air Force in 1969, he began working for IBM as a Service Representative.  He was promoted to Field Service Manager in 1977 and managed anywhere from 10 to 25 service personnel at any one time.  During his tenure as a manager, he was given the task of being a Project Manager in a new venture that IBM was exploring.  He did this for two years and was awarded the Regional Managers Award for excellence for bringing in over 20 million dollars in new business.


Charles took advantage of a special offering that IBM had and left to pursue other ventures.  He did some mortgage banking and then some real estate sales for a couple of years.  He left these businesses when a former IBM friend called him with an offer that he could not refuse.  He was to manage the Western U.S. for a business that his friend was starting.  This lasted over four years until the business was sold.  After that, he did some outside sales for a few years and in 2003 he began working for a medical equipment manufacturing company out of Kansas that was starting to expand and rent specialty equipment to hospitals.  The equipment consisted of beds, air mattresses and other medical equipment made specifically to accommodate bariatric patients (over 300 lbs.)  Six months after starting with this company he was promoted to Operations Manager overseeing two facilities and one year later promoted to Regional Operations Manager.  As Regional Operations Manager, he was responsible for eight locations, Denver, Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas and four in Southern California.


His favorite hobby is fishing, especially for Trout.  He also enjoys working with wood and doing yard work.  He retired from working in 2012 so that he could enjoy his grandchildren and do more fishing as well as teach them how to fish.