Drought Regulations in Effect 2015 - Water 2-Days a Week.

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      California’s drought is now in its fourth consecutive year. Orchard Dale Water District is now pressed by a mandatory 12% reduction of our current water use. In 2014, the District’s watering habits were cut to a twice per week watering schedule by Governor Edmund G. Brown Junior and the State Water Resources Control Board.

      Confronted by more recent mandates, the Board of Directors would like to thank the community for all the conservation efforts made thus far. Please understand that many Californians’ are faced with serious levels of cutbacks, and challenged to break habits and comforts that we’ve all enjoyed. As a community we must continue to do our part.   

      The District implemented the initial conservation program which is now modified to also prohibit all outdoor watering during a rainfall and 48 hours thereafter. Since our initial implementation of conservation, our cut-back efforts have produced a savings of 39,102,171 gallons of water in our community. As a community, we are headed in the right direction!    On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank you for a strong start.  

The Executive Order by Governor Brown
Tracking violators in our community
 Twice a week watering schedules
No watering sidewalks or driveways
No water runoff
Use shutoff valves while washing vehicles
No decorative water features without recirculating water
Restaurants serve water only upon customer request
No watering during & 48 hours after rain. 

     Drought conditions have created actions and obstacles for so many communities in California. All levels of governance are faced with additional reporting and unexpected costs to coincide with all drought provisions. Together, we need to strive for conservation and focus our energy on achieving a 12% (83,913,259 gallons) reduction in our water consumption.     

   I thank you in advance for your continued support and cooperation.  


Edward A. Castaneda

 General Manager

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